Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We're off...

I'm sitting in our apartment at Great World Apartments (which are pretty good as serviced apartments go) bags packed, repacked and packed again ( there is always something someone forgot whether they packed or where they packed it and when its an all important charger for a DS, a cell phone or an ipod people- naming noone in particular- can become very tense!). Thank god we dont do this every day.

We are all pretty tired after three days of packing and cleaning and racing around turning things off and ending contracts for various things that make up a running household. I haven't been sleeping very well either. I am an awful sleeper when there are a lot of things going on. To top it all off I got the full on flu three days ago, exacerbated I'm sure by all the bleach fumes, and now I have (appologies for any males reading this) my period which as anyone who knows me knows is.... well its just s**t! Anyway there has been a lot of laughing and teasing, because thats how we deal with stress in our house, and a fair bit of coffee and diet coke (and cold and flu) drunk by me because...well because it means I get to sit down for ten minutes.

So now I'm waiting for the all clear, its not wise to disturb J the chief bag packer (only because he can estimate weights of over full suitcases), and we are off to the Qantas lounge (I'm informed it is better than the Singapore Airlines lounge..better mags I think) for a bit of a sit down before we depart the malls and airconditioning of Singaore.

See you on the other side

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Verity said...

Good luck!! I'm getting butterflies in my stomach!