Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How much can you carry?

I spend quite a lot of time in the car going backwards and forwards from town to home and back again. I am not the only one. Everyday we see people ferrying their goods from one side of town to the other and back again.

Spotting who has the biggest load helps to pass the time.

The cyclo guys never cease to amaze me. Rain or shine they sit perched above the traffic, legs stretched and toes pointed to reach the bottom of the cycle rotation, pushing the most unlikely loads across wide intersections jam packed with honking vehicles bigger and faster than they are.

This cyclo guy can bearly see above his load of material.

Some passengers have a one storey view and a soft perch albeit an often tenuous one.

And yet they look relaxed and casual and I guess ready to hopefully hop right off should paths cross too close!

The balloon men never fail to make me smile. Mary Poppins or ET should a sudden updrift catch the Hello Kitties.

I dont know what this guy had in his orange boxes but imagine how difficult it would be to remain balanced if it was liquid of some sort!

J has a go at me for loading up as much as I possibly can, when going from car to house, so I only have to make one trip so I understand. Time and energy is money. If it can be done in one trip then there will be time to find another job and earn a few bob more for the day.

Just be careful when you stop.....!!


Simple Answer said...

Just looking at those pix stresses me. I have it so good.

Marrisa said...

You have some of the most amazing photos on here. Just awesome. The pyjama ones are fantastic!

Thanks for the comments, ask me again this time next year how I am feeling about the whole age thing!! x

Connie said...

I never have the camera ready when I see the really good loads. Three times I saw trucks going down the Corniche loaded to incredible heights, with PINK and BLUE porcelain toilets, cushioned with what looked like palm fronds. I'd try and point it out to passengers, but it would be going the opposite direction and they'd miss - every time! I never got a picture, or even an eye-witness... they still tease me..

Tanya said...

Now that I would have loved to have seen!!! Such a cartoon image!

Diana Saw said...

Love your photos :)

Verity said...

Very funny - and how did you manage to get all those photos?!! I am always way too slow!

ps - very funny washing machine story -it had me laughing imagining it- now that would have been a surprise!!