Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the river

A couple of weekends ago after an saturday afternoon workshop J hired a boat (for the princely sum of 12USD an hour) for a couple of hours.

Just as it was getting dark the wooden two storey vessel was loaded up with food, drink, music and about 50 excited people and we set off down the murky waters of the great Tonle Sap around the bend and up the equally shadowy waters of the mighty Mekong.

It was cool and breezy on the water and nice to have a different perspective of Phnom Penh- from the river. As the sun began to set the lights of the city danced onshore like little fairies.

Things began quietly as people unwound but soon the alcohol began to flow and once quiet subdued personalities became talkative, animated and gregarious.

On the way back the music was turned up and inside the open cabin the dancing began.


Simple Answer said...

Did that say $12???? How fun!!!!

bettyl said...

Sounds like such a good time!

btw, love the title of your blog!