Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As I mentioned in my Earth Day post there are quite a lot of things you can buy here that have been made out of recycled 'trash'. Mostly small things like bags and accessories, a bit of paper jewelery and sometimes lamp shades and the like. There are some furniture shops that will make bespoke furniture using recycled wood too. I sometimes wonder why noone is making larger items out of trash-but maybe its as simpe as noone has shown them how.

We have some furniture in our storage container in New Zealand made out of recycled rimu (a native New Zealand timber)which we love as well as some opshop ('Opportunity Shop'-Kiwi speak for second hand store) dining table chairs I recovered in faux cow print which was joined by a huge chunky dining table made in India out of recycled wood when we moved here from Singapore. When we moved from Singapore to here we also moved to a company that doesnt allow for much shipping so what furniture we had was sent back to our storage unit in New Zealand to join the old toys that should have been passed down, bits and pieces we couldnt part with 5 years ago but have now grown out of, assorted keep sakes and boxes of memories. Here we live with the landlords old and often disintegrating, mismatched, make do furniture so I often find myself buried head first in some of the beautiful interior design blogs and web pages I have stumbled across or been directed to by other like minded bloggers over the years, dreaming of a lush interior I can call my own. This has led to some memorable finds particularly recycled products.

This bic pen chandelier by en pieza refracts light in a decidedly modern way although at $1000 it's a little out of my price range!

This amazing chandelier, by Katarina Harvey, is made out of plastic bottles.

and this one, by Michelle Brand,is made entirely out of severed bottle bases. So beautiful, I bet its light is amazing!

A beautiful Fredrik Farg chair rescued and recovered, inspired by classic mens wear it just screams class and comfort.

This very comfortable looking, stylish chair is made out of old whiskey barrels. I wonder if it still has a faint wiff of Grandads study about it?

This bed by Neil Sinclair looks like it would last forever. Made out of wood that once housed a factory or held up the roof of a home it has been completely made using 'elbow grease'!

On the smaller side of things these recycled burlap buckets were mayamade an original alternative to baskets.

And last but not least this amazing park made entirely from recycled 'rubbish'. It reminds me of New Zealands famous loo, in Kawakawa, designed by Hundertwasser.


Connie said...

Very cool. I dream of a time when we stop traveling and have a home to 'nest' in :) Of course, we like traveling, so that home will be in the future! One of these days...

Verity said...

Those light fittings are amazing! And I love Maya*Made's burlap baskets...I keep telling myself -wait until we have our own place - then you can buy one!

Anonymous said...

Love the whiskey barrel chair! Glad you find my blog, and I'm glad to now know of yours!