Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Happy 3

It's my nieces birthday today (August 26th-I've noticed that Blogger hasn't changed the day yet). She is 3. We haven't been around for much of her life, in fact I have been home only twice since she was born, once just after she arrived and the second time only a month ago. It is her house that B lived in on weekends though, while he was at school, the house he has his 'room' in and hers is the house he goes to when he needs a break from work and flatting. I love that my sister has made her home his and I love that he gets to have a special relationship with his little cousin.
Happy Happy G girl. We miss you !


Sarah Lee said...

Oh, she's so beautiful! What a lovely, natural photograph.

Tanya said...

She is gorgeous and I miss seeing her grow. Its definately the hardest part about being an expat.