Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have taken literally hundreds of photos since we began our expat adventure. Since we arrived in Asia our happy snaps have often included someone making the 'v- sign'. Many took the art of embellishing their portraits with gesture very seriously creating other 'cute' enhancements with their fingers and hands.
There is the heart made with the thumbs and pointer fingers of both hands and placed just under the chin or the larger version using whole arms and disconcertingly reminisent of the 'M' in 'YMCA'. There is the frame for the face again using thumb and first fingers of both hands making the right angled corners of a square with your face in the middle or the backs of both hands in a V shape under the chin.
I asked a Korean friend why they do this in photos and she said it was because they (Koreans) found it hard to just pose and smile for photos. Making a sign, like the 'v- sign' made them feel less stiff and self conscious and gave them something to do which actually makes sense I thought.
Then I found this and I just had to share...

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Natalie said...

The black guy letting the white kid know that bunny-earing a brother isn't done had me in hysterics. Thanks for the PPA lesson!