Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's gonna be cold!

(from here )

I have been googling Wunderground every other day (which I found thanks to Leone) watching the temperatures in the parts of Italy we are a week or so away from visiting with a mixture of fear and amusement. They are dropping like the preverbial stone and while theoretically none of this is unexpected practically the idea of sub ten celcius sends much, much more than a shiver down my tropically half cooked bones.

Today wunderground says this week Venice manages a high of 5C dipping on friday to an inconceivable -6, which I have absolutely no point of reference for at all anymore, minus 10 by saturday!

Sure it was cold in New Zealand in July.

Freezing in fact.

But there was no snow!

Wunderland declared Venice is expecting a coating of the white stuff today and Rome on Saturday.

Thankfully it's Italy and being a huge Christmas fan I may very well be distracted by choirs in churches, rich and beautiful presepi- nativity scenes- some with real people, twinkling duomo's, toy and ornament markets, pannettone and possibly a sprinkling of tiny super cooled droplets of crystaline water.

Our first ever white Christmas!

Bring on the icebreaker, the warm puffy jackets, the hats, the gloves and scarves as big as knee blankets we are ready!


Natalie said...

Perhaps it's just me, and I shouldn't comment as I can't say we're not enjoying the thoroughly nice weather here in Dubai, but a snowy Christmas in Italy sounds like absolute wonderful bliss. Hot toddy, anyone? And if not that, how about a nice red and some crusty bread? Have an amazing time...can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Leone said...

... after spending the past 2 (icy cold) weeks in Berlin, I was sure ready to return to Singapore!!!

But it was so nice there and I would dearly love to return in the springtime.

..... you will enjoy your time in Italy as you have already done some research into the weather .... and you will be prepared.

Have a lovely Christmas - even if it ends up being not quite white. :-)

Anonymous said...

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