Thursday, November 13, 2008

Siem Reap market scenes

I love the markets. I love the sights and sounds, the colours, the scenes of commerce in its rawest state and the sense of community as people trade their wares.

This is the old market in Siem Reap the weekend before the beginning of the Water Festival or Bon Om Tok, a three day holiday which marks the reversal of the flow of the great Tonle Sap. (more in the next post)

Coconuts waiting to be scraped.

The smell in this part of the market is a bit much for a Fish eating vegetarian especailly when its hot!!

I love the fruit here. Everyday I eat pineapple, watermelon, rambuttan, papaya and sometimes mango and when I can find it the heavenly tasting mangosteen!!

I have never been a banana fan but they do make good photos.

We are big fans of street food. I have yet to find falafel as good as the fresh falafel in Egypt. The street food here in Cambodia is pretty good and the variety of sea (or river) food is incredible. I have eaten crickets but have yet to try the infamous fried spider.


Toaf said...

The missus and I are big fans of street food and markets, and we have missed Southeast Asia while in Africa. Great photos, glad you shared them!

Simple Answer said...

That's so funny - my first thought was "I wonder how it smells."

I have a fabulous falafel guy here!

Diana Saw said...

Hi Tanya,
Were you in Siem Reap recently? Wished we could have met up! I too, love the Old Market. The worst wet market I've been to in Cambodia is Psar Dumsko in Phnom Penh--it was shall we say, very wet! I used to also buy second-hand clothese at Psar Kupkow. Ah, I miss Phnom Penh...!

ZJ said...

Hi Tanya. There's a Lebanese restaurant in Phnom Penh, one on the riverside and another one on St. 360, beside the ISPP Elementary campus. Good selection of food, including falafel. When in PP, go check it out :)

Tanya said...

Le Cedre? Is it good we havent tried it yet but it is on our eat from here list. Yumm!

ZJ said...

Yes, it is quite good actually. My husband and I return from time to time to satiate our hunger for Lebanese food :)

Thanks for adding my blogs in your list!