Saturday, May 23, 2009

A 'formal' night

A night at the formal

An unfortunate encounter with a stationary tuktuk at 1am

A late night visit to the doctor

Half a shaved eyebrow

4 stitches


200USD later

A scar and a story

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Connie said...

Oh no! I am sorry :( I'm glad to read that it was only a few stitches!

The way you wrote this reminded me of something my Dad did for me long ago. I was carving a bit of wood into the shape of an owl (I was about 15yo) and slipped and sliced my hand open. On Christmas day. We got to the ER at the same time that two boatloads of bleeding drunks showed up (passengers of two ex-boats.. this was in Florida, so Christmas day drunken boating happens... ). They were rather obnoxious so the ER folks cut me ahead of everyone - they said it was 'priority', but I know spite when I see it! Later, my dad and I finished the owl carving. On the back he wrote, "Ingredients: One piece redwood, 3 pieces grapefruit branch, one oops, 6 stitches, $200". My dad is gone, but I still have the owl and the scar :)