Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I miss the most

Apart from family and friends what I miss the most is New Zealand writing, music and dance.

Hone Tuwhare is my favourite New Zealand poet (21st October 1922-16 january 2008). He spoke only Maori until he was 9 but learned the art of gracefully combining words into lyrical stories from his father who was an accomplished orator. His words are now even more precious as they will no longer be added to. He sometimes worked with a great New Zealand artist, Ralph Hotere, but thats another story...

Rain my favourite poem by Tuwhare

I still listen to a lot of New Zealand music. We have our own sound just can't hear anywhere else. Here are a few of my all time favourites.

No Ordinary Thing- Opshop

The many and varied flavours of NZs own Goldenhorse

Run Run Run-Goldenhorse

Northern Lights-Goldenhorse

The unique vocals of Minuit.

Except you- Minuit

The clever lyrics of Pine


A student classic

Gutter Black- Hello Sailor

The Black Seeds reggae NZ style and some great visuals NZ style too

So True- The Black Seeds

Wandering Eye- Fat Freddys Drop

And then there is my favourite NZ dance troup, Black Grace, an all male group of Polynesian dancers who sadly are not together anymore. Here is their awesome showstopping 'minoi minoi'

Minoi Minoi, for those who are curious is a Samoan Folk song which Neil Ieremia's, Black Grace founder and choreographer, grandmother used to sing to him when he was a boy.

And finally we are so lucky in New Zealand to have the Royal New Zealand Ballet who have such incredible range and are simply the best. I miss them!

This is from Abhisheka. Choreographed, scored and danced by New Zealanders, Abhisheka set to evocative music by John Psathas, is inspired by the ritualistic and sacrificial cleansing rites of Hinduism. It was first performed by the Royal New Zealand Ballet in 2004 where we managed to catch it live in Wellington. The design and scenography are the work of another talented New Zealander, Tracy Grant Lord and are beautifully reminiscent of a giant golden chalice. Isn't the sand just beautiful but I bet it itches when it gets under their clothing. I guess thats what they mean by suffering for their art!!

from Abhisheka - music by John Psathas, choreography by Adrian Burnett and danced by the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company.

Not bad for a tiny little island at the bottom of the world!

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