Saturday, January 17, 2009

WOTY 2008?

The search is on for Macquarie Dictionaries word of the year (WOTY). Last year the committee of three announced it to be 'pod slurping'- a noun describing the downloading of large amounts of data to an MP3 player or a memory stick- because it has 'an inventive and sensuous appeal' and because 'the most important criterion for word of the year should be linguistic creativity and evocativeness, rather than simple worthiness or usefulness' and also because pod slurping 'dips its lid to pod, a potent little word of our times'. Not a term I can say I have heard banded about the corridors I frequent and not nearly as colourful or as intriguing as 'arse antlers'-a tattoo just above the buttocks, having a central section and curving extensions on each side- the winner in the fashion catagory for the same year...I can't imagine why that didn't win!

The year before it was the over used and sadly over exhibited 'muffin top'- the roll of belly that appears at the top of ones too tight low slung jeans (or any other pants for that matter).


The 19 catagories, which the nominated words are divided into; business, health, sport and technology etc, are joined this year by 6 new catagories; entertainment, communications, genetics, law, tourism and ecology reflecting what presumably currently dominates the minds of 21st century Australians. The five words each catagory holds were chosen by a panel, although some may seem more obscure than others, for their relevance to the community involved. A sporting term like 'tunnelling' may not be generally or widely known but (apparently) it is common amongst Aussie Rules players, commentators and fans. Or 'machinima'- the creation of 3D animation films using the existing visuals of the game for use within a computer game environment -which is presumably thrown about casually amongst the computer fraternity.

In the running are the likes of; 'fanta pants'- to describe a red head, 'BFF'- meaning best friends forever and 'bromance' -a non-sexual but intense relationship between two males. 'Climate porn' -exaggeratedly alarmist predictions, about the progress of global warming and its effects on the world, 'water footprint' -the amount of fresh water a person or group uses and 'ecolabel' -a sticker providing information about the environmental friendliness of a product.

Visitors and subscribers to the website can vote for the word which they think has made 'the most valuable contribution to the English language in 2008' in each category. The final and ultimate winner for 2008 will be announced in early February. Choose wisely!


Simple Answer said...

Ewww. That picture. Ewwww. I'd never heard of climate porn. Does that make me out of touch?

Connie said...

this sounds like fun! Thanks!